Saturday, February 6, 2010

One Hundred Things

1.) I love swearing. No, really, it shakes my body awake with laughter! I even like to write swear words. There is nothing like dropping an 'F' Bomb!
2.) My toenails are ALWAYS red!
3.) I'm horrible on the phone. I make it awkward and rushed but it doesn't mean that I don't love you.
4.) My mom is probably the coolest and most amazing person I know!
5.) I miss Washington everyday.
6.) I talk to my cat. And she answers. Zelda is one smart cookie!
7.) And speaking of cookies, I make em'! All the time! And Pies. And Brownies. Want something, I'll bake it for you!
8.) I love getting dressed up and taking absolutely ridiculous pictures. Videos are even better!
9.) I was blessed with the most amazing brothers and sisters! I love them insanely and would do anything to make sure that they are don't f*ck with them! :)
10.) I have at least one out-of-town visitor a month! My doors are always open..wanna come to Hollywood?
11.) I wish that I was more informed. Foreign policy, Immigration, Politics and Economics. Because then I could make an informed decision.
12.) I love country music! Cheesy crap!
13.) I believe in Ghosts. I grew up in a Haunted House so just tell me that they aren't real!
14.) I can't wait to see more of the world! Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, India, Portugal, France (yep, still haven't been there!) wherever..I want to see it all!
15.) I love the goodwill! I grooove on the whole experience..even that tranny who keeps eyeballing my sequined dress! ha!
16.) I want Chocolate everyday...and I deny myself little! Typically I'll opt for Rocky Road Ice cream.
17.) I'm kinda over drinking. And I think that there must be something wrong with me...
18.) Grass between my toes...ahhhh...and maybe the dirt is a little damp so that it squishes up and makes your feet all muddy. I love it!
19.) I play my music LOUD!!!! All of it! All of the time. I'll probably have poor hearing when I am older.
20.) Sometimes I smile so much that my face hurts. And I defiantly laugh enough to cause a cramp in my stomach. It is amazing!
21.) I don't really 'do' breakfast. And I know that it is bad.
22.) I still look for things among the clouds.
23.) Oh, and I wish on all the brightest stars. If I want if bad enough, my wish comes true...all in due time, little one.
24.) I miss working on house projects. I even miss sanding...Oh the days of Colonel Sanders... 25.) I wish you all the best in everything. And I mean it with all that is inside of me!
26.) I'm really tired...I have to finish this later.
Where have I gone? Swallowed. Gobbled down by a giant black beadle who was nothing more than hungry. Not malicious or mean, just hungry. And who can fault him for that?
I have been floating inside of his stomach, drowning in Black Beadle stomach acid. Consumed and voraciously digested.
I have fallen out the otherside (excuse the visual). I have been given back to the Earth. Almost whole.