Monday, May 9, 2011


A an atrocious display of ass kissing.
B beastly, brutal, barbaric. just add beer.
C corrupt. like our government.
D destructive. like a whirlwind. like Dennis the Menace.
E envious. don't be. it's ugly.
F foul; not the bird. flatulence, it smells.
G Gary is Grotesque. he shows qualities of both gluttony and greed.
H that hideous thing, she is a horrible hair-puller.
I impolite. like its that hard to say please.
J jaded means that you don't believe in fairies anymore and that is sad.
K you say kinky like its a bad thing?
L lazy & loud is a good way to also be lonesome throughout life.
M materialistic. welcome to beverly hills.
N nancy was a nasty nose-picker.
O obnoxious. like the way her offensive voice bounced off the walls.
P he wasn't like poison. he was poison.
Q quarrelsome. like spoiled young children. like politicians.
R rude, rotten, repulsive.
S spoiled makes you selfish. it always makes others want to drown you.
T tyrant. remember, we left king george for a reason.
U unclean. uncouth. uncool.
V vulgar. be a lady. be a gentleman
W wasteful. just recycle; reuse.
X oh X! you are just rude all by yourself. you contrary ass.
Y yellow-belly (that one is just fun to say).
Z zombie. wake up. open your eyes.
if i cry
if i laugh
so hard that i piss myself
both for no
substantial reason
all that it means
is that i am